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What Is Visualization: Can It Really Work For You

What is visualization? Visualization is a technique that allows people to use their imagination to bring to life what we want. Many people believe the power of visualization is a mighty power, but there are some limits to using it. Fortunately these limits are within us, not in the power.

Let’s not mistake this for daydreaming. Daydreaming is a dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. This is not what visualization is about. Visualization is about actually scripting what you want and visualizing having it now, in the present tense.

Visualization Step 1

The first step is where you need to write about yourself doing what you want to do. It is almost like writing the script for your life. Write about doing it from every angle, and be sure that you are writing about yourself doing exactly the thing that you want to do. Be concise about everything you want to do. Do not be general at all.

Visualization Step 2

Now that we have written down every detail of our desired life, we must start believing and acting like we’ve already achieved it. See the house that you live in, how many bedrooms? What kind of car do you have? What color? When you see and believe yourself actually living the life you desire, things gradually start to manifest.
a chart of visualization
This stage really just takes the first stage and intensifies it. You will need to do a lot more concentration. This is the ultimate use of your imagination. It is as though you actually are doing it. All of your senses will assume that you really are. Of course, this just happens if you are doing it correctly.

So what is visualization? As you can now understand, there is a lot involved in this answer. Thinking deeply about where you desire to be is crucial to this process. It does take some practice to get yourself to relax and not let your mind wonder. Visualizing and concentrating to this degree takes a dedicated mind. Don’t be impatient, this may be a long process but it will be well worth the wait and the effort.

When concentrating, first create a mental image of the thing or experience that you want. Feel it. Sense it. Know that this is what you desire. Create a world in your mind. Pretend it is real. It should feel as real as anything you have ever experienced in the real world. Do not allow yourself to think you are just dreaming. Make every part of you believe it is absolutely real.
principles of visualization
By closing your eyes and using your creative imagination, you can actually see the thing you desire. You can focus on the experience that you would like to have. Your mind and senses will believe it is true if you do. Relax and see yourself in the situation you desire. You must believe that it can exist for you. For personal development in every area of your life, visualization is a must.


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