Using Affirmations to Attract Prosperity

Does it seem like all you ever attract in your life is Lack and difficulties?   Do you normally end the month with more month than money.  If so affirmations could be the tool to turn your life around. Affirmations are tools used to replace old self limiting messages that our minds have secretly archived over the years and deliver,  brand new messages self empowering messages to our subconscious mind.

How To Use Affirmations

If you recited this affirmation: “I am a multimillionaire,” how effective would it be?  Would you turn into an millionaire overnight? Would your billfold magically fill itself up with $100 dollar bills? Not. Why? Because you know the statement isn’t true.  If you feed statements into your subconscious mind a belief that you’re a millionaire, it would create a conflict with your current belief system. The subconscious hates change and conflict.

Instead of feeding your subconscious the message  “I am a multimillionaire”, replace that with something like  “I am open to the best opportunities to make money quickly and easily.”  The phrasing makes you feel more in control of your circumstances.  Rather than waiting for your billfold to expand, you send the message that you can control how much money you have by being alert to great opportunities.

The time it can take for affirmations to take effect can vary greatly, depending on the age and intensity of the opposing beliefs. However, if you put in the time and effort, you will eventually move away from Lack, and start attracting good things into your life.

Here are a few ways to Super-charge your progress with affirmations.

Affirmation Mirror work
State them while looking in the mirror. As you look in the mirror you magnify the importance of the message to yourself.
Written Affirmations
Keep your affirmation at the forefront of your mind by writing them down, leave notes or cards around so that you notice them throughout the day.
Affirmations with passion
Say your affirmations with passion, the higher your emotional state as you say them, the more effective they are.
Affirmations and Music
The mind is much more accepting of affirmation messages when they are accompanied by music.
Subliminal Affirmations
There are a number of CD’s available that include subliminal affirmations

I see myself as wealthy and that’s who I am.
I enjoy my prosperity and share it freely with the world.
My income is growing higher and higher now.
I am passionate about building wealth.
All resistance to prosperity has dissolved in total grace.
I choose determination and persistence over quitting every time.
I deserve to have financial abundance in my life now.
Abundance and I are one.
I believe anyone can be wealthy — and that includes me.
I am now accumulating large sums of money.
My mind is a powerful magnet for profitable ideas.
Great wealth is flowing to me now.
I am successful because I know what I want and I ask for it.
I create wealth easily and effortlessly.
I dissolve all false messages around creating wealth.
I define success my way and I create it.

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