The Top Affirmations for Learning To Love Yourself

Affirmations have been called the foundation and building blocks for individual change and personal success. Many say that affirmations are regularly used by only the most successful people. While others have asked, do affirmations really work?

Uplifting Affirmations

Affirmations are truly the key to getting yourself in line with what you want, need and desire in life. You see, affirmations, when used properly, change the way you think. They change the way you look at things; yourself, your problems, your hopes goals and dreams. Once you change the way you think and believe – you can then take the appropriate action to manifest your desires.

Here are several set’s of affirmations, feel free to use them if they resonate with you.

Affirmations for To Lose Weight Quickly:

I drink plenty of water

I exercise often

Losing weight feels good

I enjoy varieties in food

I enjoy eating healthy

I achieve my desired weight quickly

I accept advice calmly

I am determined to lose weight

I give myself rewards for losing weight

I can workout with others

I am healthier at my target weight

I control my appetite

I love and improve my body

I change diets when needed

I can see myself at my target weight

I eat right and exercise smart

I lose weight easily

I have a positive self-image

I enjoy losing weight

I am attaining my target weight

Affirmations for Supreme Self-Confidence:

I believe in myself 100 percent

I believe in my abilities

I am fully confident in myself

I think about the results of my actions

I rely upon my judgments

I believe wholly in myself

I am tremendously confident

I accept who I am

I am happy when I succeed

I think of positive outcomes

I am my own person

I have infinite self-esteem

Motivation comes freely to me

I believe entirely in myself

My future is determined by me

I always think positively of myself

I control my own self-confidence

I work towards improving my life

I seek help when needed

I think about myself in positive ways

Every day I grow more confident in myself

I am confident in my dealings and feelings

I am more confident each day

My confidence is continually growing

Affirmations for Sky Rocketing Self Esteem:

I am confident in myself

I can do anything

I am very proud of myself

My self-esteem is very high

I am worth being alive

I have eternal confidence in myself

My self-esteem is infinite

I am limitless in my abilities

I attain everything I want

My self-esteem increases every day

I accept myself wholly

I accept every aspect of myself

I cherish what I say

I cherish what I do

I cherish what I believe

I love myself wholly

I believe in myself

I know who I am

I know my abilities

I speak positively of myself

I think positive thoughts of myself

I listen to my dreams

I follow my dreams

I attain my dreams

I am happy attaining my dreams

Affirmations for Accepting Your Physical Self:

I accept how I look

I love my body

I accept my body wholeheartedly

I feel good with how I choose to look

I welcome comments on how I look

I love myself more and more each day

I embrace and accept my physical self

My looks express my inner creativity

I express my creativity with my appearance

I love who I am

I love how I look

I have confidence in my physical self

I control how I look and present myself

I always present myself in a positive manner

I reflect my strong confidence in myself

My stature improves every day

My sense of self extends mentally and physically

I accept all of my body

I am beautiful

I show love to myself and others

Affirmations for Releasing The Past:

I decide what I remember

I learn from my past

I let my past go

I am free from unwanted memories

I define myself in the present

I appreciate my past as a learning tool

I accept the decisions I have made

I make decisions I am happy with

I control my memories

I let go of all regrets

I am the pilot of my mind and memories

I understand people can change over time

My past is only my past

I share my memories wisely

I plan my future using past experiences

I keep happy memories

I release all grudges

I feel good forgiving people

I think about the present and the future

I live in the present

I release all unwanted memories

I choose my looks

Affirmations for Learning To Love Yourself:

I love every aspect of myself

I love people for who they are

I accept who I am

I understand my abilities

I love myself more and more each day

I love learning new things

I express who I am

I remember to smile

I present myself as a role model

I am inspired

Every day I love myself more and more

I love myself above all others

I care for myself

I make beneficial decisions

I make friendships easily

I think positively of myself

I love myself more than others love me

I eat healthy foods

I listen to my body’s wants

I listen to my emotional wants

I listen to my mental wants

I listen to my physical wants

I keep myself healthy

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