The Millionaire Mind Intensive

What Is The Millionaire Mind Intensive?

A little while ago I attended a workshop in Los Angeles, called the Millionaire Mind Intensive. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is a three day workshop that deals with changing mindsets in order to increase income and accumulate wealth. I had heard about this workshop for quite some time, but never made time to attend it before. The seminar claims not only to teach people about their inner financial blueprint, but also to change it right there on the spot. The creator is T. Harv Eker, a millionaire and best selling author of the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. It was without a doubt 3 days of the most life changing, mind altering information ever packed into a single weekend event.The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar

I Can Have A Millionaire Mind This Weekend?

Here is just a small sample of what was learned that weekend:
* How to create Financial Freedom by calculating your freedom number – the exact amount of money you need to never have to work again
* Success with Balance – the Big Rocks Formula for achieving what’s most important in your life while creating wealth.
* Learn how to create money with meaning.
* Millionaire Mind Strategies to create 100K in an Hour a Day – you’ll learn the easiest way to earn $100,000/yr working just an hour a day
Plus, you’ll discover how to:
* Identify your unconscious conditioning about money.
* Understand how – and why – people are programmed for success, mediocrity or failure.
* Reset your “financial thermostat” to a higher level of wealth and achievement.
* Win the “money game” and get on the path to financial freedom.
* Master the world’s easiest and most effective money management system.
* Master money and relationships with spouses, business associates and your own children.
Plus they’ll teach you the Millionaire Mind rules of rich and successful people and how you can apply them to accelerate your wealth.
i want a millionaire mind

Don’t Miss The Millionaire Mind Intensive

You’ll walk away with a completely new financial success blueprint to achieve the wealth you want now. The techniques we used to help you reprogram your financial blueprint are proprietary. What you learn at this seminar, you can’t get anywhere else, at any price.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your income, your net worth, or your level of happiness, you owe it to yourself to register for the Millionaire Mind Intensive today. After teaching more than a million people how to change their financial lives, they know that 80% of success comes from just showing up. So now is the time for you to make a decision to change your financial future forever…
I highly recommend the Millionaire Mind Intensive to help you reach your fullest financial potential and to change your life forever!

To attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive Millionaire Mind Intensive

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