atributes of a leader

The Attributes of Leadership

Finding a good definition of leadership requires an individual to determine the context he wishes to define it.  Ideally, when you think about a leader the first thing that comes to mind is either a political leader, religious leader or a leader in a particular field.  Well if you want to find the best definition, know that there are certain qualities that define leader, which you must look into.

Leaders are people who often lead other people towards a common goal.  You have to look at the qualities of an individual to know that he is a good leader, sometimes their positions in an organization tend to show that they are the leader.

Most leaders are created while others are born.  Regardless of this fact, these individual must show that they understand who they are and take their responsibilities with confidence and agility.  A leader has a lot of responsibilities to his followers and to himself too.

He has to be a  visionary and stand for what he believes in.  People love to look up to an individual who can lead them through a path of success and help them reach their goals successfully too.  The leader must be able to escalate the hopes of his subject through his visions and plans.definition of leadership

The reason why any group of people or organization would want to have a clearly defined leadership is so that, there is some form of organization and structure within the establishment.  A Front runner has to be a people’s person and command authority and respect.

His followers have to be empowered for the intended success to be accomplished.  Great leadership can be seen from the success of people, if the success is attained by them though empowerment from the leader.  What a leader is required to do in such instances is to provide the necessary tools for his followers to use in order to accomplish their goals

This means he has to have a positive attitude towards life and towards everything he believes in. Evidently, no one wants to follow a pessimistic individual.  He may not be positive all the time but at least he has to be able to see an opportunity in any difficult situation he may encounter.

Reliability is also a very essential attribute of leadership.  This means consistency and dedication to his work and availability when needed.  A leader is only a leader when he has people who follow him, rely and depend on him.

Another very important attribute of good leadership is based on the audacity of a leader.  A leader has to have guts to stand up for his people and for his ideals.  Although he is human, he must not concede to any form of pressure or influence from other people, which is why it is important for such an individual to be his own man.

To answer the question, What is leadership?.  It is a process that is involved when an individual who bears the above attributes, influences or leads a group of people to accomplish a common goal.  Communication is also part of this process because it allows for flow of information and problem solving.

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