Lightyear Wireless

What Is This LightYear Wireless I’ve Been Hearing About?

Lightyear Wireless, a division of Lightyear Network Solutions, Inc.  is an established provider of data, voice and wireless telecommunication services to business and residential customers throughout North America.  Lightyear Wireless primarily sells Lightyear’s mobile phone products and service through its thousands of representatives across the country.

The Lightyear Concept

Lightyear Wireless offers regular people the opportunity to save on their wireless cell phone bill, while at the same time, offer the ability to earn a residual income by developing their own network of customers and associates.   Ask yourself. Do you own a cell phone?  Does your wireless provider allow you a way to get your service for free?   Would you like it if you did?
lightyear wireless FreeCellService
With Lightyear Wireless you don’t need to convince someone to try some new potion or pill… they are most likely already using a cell phone on a daily basis, and all you need to do is just get them to switch wireless providers.  In fact, they may not even be switching at all, since Lightyear is already partnered with major providers like Verizon and Sprint.

Lightyear Wireless Facts

Backed by a 19 year old telecommunications company
80,000 square foot world headquarters in Louisville, KY
Over 200 employees to support customers and representatives
Executive team with over 60 years experience in Wireless
Parent company ranked #19 on Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies list
Publicly Traded (OTC: LYNS), Federally Licensed Telecom Company
A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
Founder rated “One of the top 25 most influential people in Telecommunications” by Phone+ Magazine

Lightyear Mass Appeal

The Lightyear business opportunity is simple to explain and has mass appeal.  Unlike other opportunities where it may takes weeks or longer to understand the benefits of their complicated nutritional products, the Lightyear concept is very easy to understand.   Get Paid to Help People Earn FREE Wireless Service – about says it all.

Lightyear’s Guarantee

Let’s face it, there are alot of opportunities out there today that provide people the chance to make  money.  But how many of those companies feel so strongly that they offer a money back GUARANTEE?   Well, Lightyear Wireless does just that!   Our compensation plan offers a way for people to achieve their financial goals, whether that’s to earn a few hundred dollars a month or to create a multiple six-figure income.

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