Learn To Love Yourself Daily

Love Yourself. How can you love yourself, if you don’t already?
It’s actually hard to to believe that some people don’t even love themselves. You always hear someone saying, I’d never do this or that activity, I’d never get involved with, participate in or experiment with that……………….I love myself to much.
Loving yourself is probably the most important attribute or characteristic any person can have, or feel about themselves.
But Loving yourself can be extremely difficult if you have negative thoughts and limiting beliefs swimming around in your head.
A great majority of these beliefs have been there, and were formed during childhood, but their effects reach deep into your adult life. Most people have thoughts and statements lodged in our subconcious that were given them by their parents, sometimes from many decades earlier.
Someone might have told you that you would never amount to anything, or that you were stupid or ugly or retarded or a tramp or worthless, and you believed every word they uttered. And the frightening part is that you still believe it, and you’ve been a imprisoned by those words even to this very day .
So how can I eliminate those old untrue programs and replace them with new positive empowering messages?
Love And Focus On The Good
Spend your time focusing on whats going right with your life. Sometime when we suffer from low self-esteem, we tend to forget about whats right in our life and focus on whats going wrong. Make a list of all of the things that you’ve succeeded in, and that you are proud of. When you complete a goal or a project, celebrate afterwards!

Repeat Affirmations
Every day, start out by praising and encouraging yourself and other people. Recite affirmations like these:
I accept who I am, I have limitless confidence in my abilities and my self-esteem increases daily.
Every day I grow more confident in myself and I believe in myself 100 percent.
I love every aspect of myself.
Every day I love myself more and more.
The more you do it, the more it becomes a part of who you are.

Speak Life
Eliminate certain words and phrases from your vocabulary. Get rid of words and phrases like:
“I can’t ______________, Someday I’ll ______________, One day I’ll ______________, What if I fail?, It’s over my Head, What will everyone think of me?, I’m not smart enough, It’s impossible, etc.
Replace then with statements like: I can ______________, I will ______________,
I am ______________, I’m in the Zone, I feel Confident and Eager for Life, I want the best for everyone, It’s a Beautiful Morning, Life is an Adventure,
Set Daily Goals
Write down a list of things you need to accomplish, short term and long term. Create a list of goals. Break them down into daily, weekly and monthly goals. Jot down and number your daily tasks for the day. When you look over the things you’ve accomplished for the day, week and month, you’ll feel more accomplished and fulfilled about what you have completed. Then take time out to love yourself by celebrating each accomplishment.

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