Become as Happy as You Want to Be

Remember the song Don’t Worry, Be Happy? The song had a very catchy phrase that people loved.  Don’t Worry, Be Happy, This very catchy phrase simply told millions of people not to worry.

Living a simple happy life is good for your health. A pleasant happy attitude can actually protect you from the stresses of life. stress is linked to heart disease, cancer and stroke.
If hearing the News is stressful, one should listen to or watch it less.  Alot of the populace can’t start the day without reading the newspaper or listening to the news in the morning.  Since most of the news we hear is bad, maybe starting the day with bad news is not the best thing to do.

Our relationships are also essential to happiness.  One must ultimately decide to be a happy person. There are several ways by which you can do this.

Be Thankful.
We have so much to be thankful for.  Be thankful for being alive, thankful for your health, thankful for your job, thankful for your family, etc.  Thank God for everything.

Manage your Time.
Your time is valuable and too important to waste.  Time management can be viewed as a list of rules that evolves around scheduling, setting goals, planning, creating lists of things to do and prioritizing. These are the core basics of time management that should be understood to develop an efficient personal time management agenda.

Laugh Daily.
Tell a good joke, make people smile.  Tell your friends, family and coworkers about it.  You know what they say…….Laughter is the best medicine.

Express your Feelings.
Express your affections, friendship and passion to people around you.  They will most likely reciprocate your actions.  Try not to keep pent up anger of frustrations, this is bad for your health.   Instead find ways of expressing them in a way that will not cause more injury or hurt to anyone.

Work at Something you Enjoy.
Working brings enormous personal satisfaction for people.  It gives them a feeling of being needed and a feeling of competence in finishing their duties.  Accomplishing daily tasks give us a basic sense of value and selfworth.happy smiling faces

Learn Something New on a Daily Basis.
Try and learn something new everyday.  Learning something new helps to expand and broaden our horizons.  It also opens up the possibilities for exciting new opportunities in the future.
Exercise Regularly.
Daily exercise, such as running, jogging, walking, stretching, going to the gym and doing calistenics are things that gives your body strength, energy and endurance. This in turn makes our bodies feel alive.

Avoid Negative Substances
Avoid exposure to negative elements such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Prior to anyone ever taking a hit, puff or sip, a decision is made — a healthy or an unhealthy decision.  Remember your body is the temple of God

These are the few simple things you can do everyday to be happy.  And always remember that you have to Make up your mind to become as happy as you want to be.

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