50 Ways To Happiness and Self improvement

With all that’s going on in our society today, many people feel that happiness and self improvement tend to be at different ends of the spectrum, and as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.  I tend to disagree.
I believe the pursuit of happiness and self improvement is a whole lot easier and simpler to achieve than we think it is.

Here are 25 simple ways to add some happiness and self improvement to your life

1. Enjoy what you have.
2. Simplify your life.
3. Be more creative.
4. Be yourself.
5. Be more spontaneous.
6. Spend more time with happy people.
7. Keep a happiness journal for writing about the things that give you joy.
8. Find what you love to do and make it your life’s work.
9. Be willing to learn and experience new things.
10. Be flexible.
11. Accept that life is not perfect.
12. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
13. Don’t take others too seriously.
14. Appreciate yourself.
15. Have meaningful goals. They give you purpose.
16. Practice Self Improvement.
17. Cultivate friendships. To have friends, be a friend.
18. Be supportive and seek support when needed.
19. Don’t confuse materialism with success.
20. Know that money does not buy happiness.
21. Be agreeable.
22. Love yourself.
23. Listen to good music.
24. Watch less TV.
25. Give it your best.

Here’s 25 more self improvement tips

26. Pamper yourself.
27. Practice mindfulness.
28. As Bessie Anderson Stanley wrote “Live well, love much and laugh often.”
29. Be happy now. Don’t make it conditional.
30. Share your happiness with others.
31. Be open-minded.
32. Enjoy simple pleasures.
33. Practice gratitude.
34. Think self improvement, not perfection.
35. When things aren’t going well; know that it will pass.
36. Know that it’s not what happens to you, but how you perceive it that’s important.
37. Learn to live in and savor the moment.
38. Exercise regularly.
39. Get enough sleep.
40. Maintain a healthy diet.
41. Enjoy good conversation.
42. Have a hobby.
43. Take time for fun.
44. Practice moderation.
45. Cultivate an appreciation for the arts.
46. Read inspiring material.
47. Help others.
48. Have faith.
49. As Richard Carlson has said – Don’t sweat the small stuff.
50. Smile for no particular reason.
I experienced a great deal of happiness and self improvement just putting this together, Who knew?

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